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We've evolved unattended, contactless retail through leading-edge technology.


InstaGnG empowers retailers with new opportunities to increase consumer goods’ sales, build customer intimacy and reduce costs by offering last-mile, last-minute, personalized convenience easily and anywhere in the world. We leverage cutting-edge Internet of Things, Computer Vision, and Artificial Intelligence to enable unattended/self-service and flexible product purchasing and replenishing.

Reduce margin-draining out-of-stock episodes by tracking inventory and transactions inside coolers, freezers, cabinets and kiosks, transforming them into interactive, automated vending and storage solutions.

Our solutions are built upon computer vision, the Internet of Things, Insight Prediction, and Vending Management business software which makes us a unique company globally.

• We believe in customer-centric configurations based on individual needs and our solutions are carefully customized. We offer solutions that adapt to your business model, through cloudbased software delivered as a service (SaaS).

Our mission is to boost your sales while reducing cost and time investments with state-of-the-art intelligent system retrofits.


Other companies have
good solutions. But our
solution is "cooler".


Our mission is to accelerate
the global unattended retail
adoption, with a
state-of-the-art AI and
Computer Vision Technologies.

“Instant Grab’n’Go,” “Just-Go-Out,” “Frictionless Shopping Experience” are all synonyms for the same promised customer journey: find a cooler near you, scan the QR code, get your payment method validated, pick your desired items, and walk out.

Grab-and-Go is an evolving business process, with applications across industries including use cases for the retailer and a new lifestyle for the end consumer. A few examples include automating sales for retailers and foodservice providers, tracking supply cabinet inventory for industrial manufacturers or offering convenient pickup and drop-off storage for delivery companies.

Computer vision is an artificial intelligence (AI) technology that enables a computer to “see” images, identify them, and label them accordingly.

Our computer vision is harnessed onto the inside of a fridge/cooler or cabinet. The software then learns to identify the products stored within. Meanwhile, there’s a QR code outside the fridge, integrated with payment gateways to complete the transaction.

So, a thirsty or hungry user approaches the intelligent vending machine and scans the QR code to access the cabinet. The payment information stored securely in the application requests bank authorization, and only after that will the doors on the cooler/cabinets open. InstaGnG system “sees” and knows what items are taken with a 97% accuracy rate. The transaction is completed once the door is closed and the bank debits from the chosen payment method.

This ultimately results in an enhanced experience for the consumer through a seamless payment process. The ultimate goal is to create accessible hardware including a computer, sensor, and camera to lower the cost of owning and operating a vending machine.

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