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Using AI-powered cameras and software, computer vision is changing the way people interact with the physical world. Computer vision and AI will ultimately have an impact that goes far beyond retail, such as autonomous driving, manufacturing, offices, and gyms to fundamentally alter and better the way we live.


Introducing the iVending: a revolutionary new intelligent cooler machine technology that includes a suite of advanced computer vision, analytics and diagnostic features.

The iVending ecosystem is agnostic to any existent cooler. It has the capability to retrofit coolers with integrated AI and edge detection, computer vision systems, and state-of-art inventory management

Modern intelligent technology augmentation equips machines or coolers with iVending systems, giving them the autonomy to track stock, monitor machine or cooler conditions, and automatically analyze sales data to provide both independent self-management and detailed consumer insights.

Features include:

• Monitoring in real-time 

• Low stock / zero stock detection

• Product recognition

• Purchase insights

• Sales and Operational dashboards



iVentory smart systems combine seamlessly inside a machine to provide businesses with a comprehensive productivity-boosting toolkit while autonomously tracking product stock and analyzing purchase trends. We are in the business of predicting the future, advising you When (likelihood of OOS), What (bestseller products), Why (change or maintain), Whom (best channel to refill the machines and increase the Total Cost of Ownership (TCO). Features include: • Monitoring in real-time • Low stock / zero stock detection • Product recognition • Predictive maintenance • Advanced diagnostics data • Purchase insights

Using our proprietary AI-based shape-recognition systems, inventory upgraded machines automatically count products, track movement and forward results. In addition, our solution stock-refill application notifies users in advance when any individual product stock is running low to replenish reserves before it’s ever sold out.

Dwell Time

Upgraded machines provide insights about the length of time customers spend choosing their products to better understand consumer preferences and behavior. Additionally, machine displays can be modified to test and augment sales effectiveness!

Sales Data Analytics

iVentory systems also provide advanced analytics for an array of sales data, offering businesses and administrators a better understanding of the machine’s top-selling products as well as its underperforming ones.

Self Monitoring Functionality

As an autonomous retail intelligent system, it is both prudent and essential to monitor the device’s health status at all times. With our real-time health tracking systems, repair teams can be dispatched promptly to ensure the machine continues to operate at full capacity, mitigating the profit losses associated with traditional vending machine malfunction.

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